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The Barbq Party website is owned by Rajib. Rajib is a BBQ expert and loves to cook grill. Rajib believes a good relationship with the visitor is important to us. That’s the reason we clear with our visitors by the Barbqparty privacy policy document.

This privacy policy document is very important for the reader. Because there I discuss how I maintain your privacy. At the same time how we handle, the collection, use, and disclosure of information that you may provide.

There I also discuss when, how, and why we collect your data. So try to read the Barbq Party privacy policy for your security purposes before using or submitting information to this site.

Visitor personal and non-personal data

What personal data do we collect? 

Yes, Barbqparty collects your data for various reasons and lots of ways. When you visit our website automatically we collect your non-personal information from the computer operating system, device, and Internet browser.

Barbqparty uses Google’s analytics tools to monitor how our customers are using our blog. But we want to clear this information is generated by the use of cookies and your IP address.

But don’t worry we do not collect any personal information from the device or browser you are using to access the service. Unless you provide information to us by entering details on to our website.

What personal information do we collect? We asked to provide a comment. When you want to share your experience with a comment. You need to provide 1. Your name. 2. Phone number. 3. Email address with the comment. 

Where we use your data 

Maybe, you already know when and how we collect your personal and nonpersonal information. That’s why Barbqparty wants to clarify where and how we use your data. Just keep reading to know your data is secure with us.

Don’t worry we do not sell your data outside. Also, we don’t use your personal information for any bad purpose. So your personal information is 100% safe with us. Only a few reasons Barbqparty uses your data.

When we collect your name, email address, postal address, phone number, and IP address. We only use this type of personal information for –

  • Send your emails. 
  • Promote product. 
  • Develop our business. 
  • Process your order

Disclosure of your personal information

We want to ensure our visitors. We may disclose your personal information to provide service for personal needs. As an example, we disclose your information to volunteers, third-party shipping agents, and service providers.

Generally, these third-party shipping agents and service providers help to provide goods and mailing houses to service you. But we want to ensure you we don’t sell your information to third parties.

Children’s privacy policy

I want to clear my readers that we think children’s privacy is very important in the online world. If you are under 13 years old child. You should inform your parents before reading this blog. Also, we do not collect any under 13 age children’s personal & non-personal information.

Advertising policy 

This BBQ blog works with third-party interest-based advertising. If you want to advertise with Barbqparty about your service and product. Barbqparty wants to welcome you to ad with us. 

But you have to remember. We do not accept lottery, gambling, religion, or Political ads, and directed at children ads. Also, we have to right refuse your ad. But you don’t have to worry.


Barbqparty wants to tell our readers. Barbqparty rights to reserve to make any change in our privacy policy terms and conditions. If you want to know more information about our privacy policy change please contact us.

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