can i use stainless steel brush on cast iron grill

Can I use a stainless steel brush on a cast iron grill

Cast iron grills are most popular and hold heat much better than other types of grills. At the same time cast iron is strong and durable. 

That’s why cast iron grills and skillets are the most popular. But do you know all grill cleaning brushes are not good for cast iron grills? 

That’s why people want to know can I use a stainless steel brush on a cast iron grill. However there I try to discuss the good and bad sides of a clean cast iron grill with a steel grill brush. 

Steel & wire grill brush is good or bad for cast iron grills? 

cast iron grill cleaning

Personally, I do not recommend any wire or steel brush to clean cast iron grills. But sometimes you should clean your cast iron grill with a steel brush. 

Basically, when your grill is covered with oil, grill black residue and dust. At this time you should clean the grill with a steel grill brush. However, sometimes I suggest people clean a heavy dirty grill with a steel brush mixed with salt. 

Maybe you already want to know what’s the main problem with cleaning a cast iron grill. The main problem is scratches and steel bristles are broken. Also, broken steel bristles mixed with the grill can enter your stomach. 

Will a stainless steel brush scratch cast iron grill? 

remove rust from cast iron grill grates

Yes, the main problem to clean cast iron grills is scratches. Because ware and steel bristle are very hard as result cleaning time easily scratches the grill. You can try what grill brushes are safe go here. 

However, you have to face more problems to clean the grill with steel bristle. Bristale can be broken during cleaning. That steel broken pieces mix with food. As a result, after eating grilled food you have to face abdominal problems. 

However, the best way to clean the grill is with a nylon handheld brush with stiff bristles. Or you have to choose a brush that is soft. Also always try to avoid rough brush. Because any rough grill brush can scratch the cast iron. 

Can you use steel wool on a cast iron grill? 

Steel wool is the most popular to clean cookware in Asia. But I do not recommend cleaning a cast iron grill with steel wool. Because steel wool can sketch and damage your grill surfaces. You can read the best alternative to wire grill brush to know more.

But if your grill is old or your grill is covered with rust. At this time I suggest mixing oil and salt, then cleaning the grill with steel wool. Because steel wool is very effective to clean rust from the cast iron grill. 

So without the bad situation of the cast iron grill, you should avoid cleaning the grill with steel wool or steel brush. Because steel wool can damage cast iron grill surfaces. 

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