About Barbqparty

Welcome to Barbqparty! I am so happy you’re here. I think BBQ is more than a meal. Barbecue is an outdoor meal. Most of the time meats or fish are roasted for social entertainment over a wood or charcoal fire. So BBQ parties can provide opportunities for social gatherings and entertainment. 

As entertainment, I establish this blog during Covid 19. Try to discuss the testiest and smoky BBQ recipe, review, and tips. At the same time, I love to introduce you to popular indore and outdoor smooker.

Just stay with us if you want to make and eat tasty smoky meat every time. You can learn from the blog lots of secret BBQ tips and BBQ spices and rubs mixing formulas.

History of Barbq Party

My grilling and smoking career began during Covid 19. Because during Covid 19 I lost my job and business. That’s why I am back to my hometown from Dhaka city. When I got back to my hometown, I started feeling bored. Because a huge time I have to stay at home without friends. 

That’s why I made a plan to arrange a social gathering for entertainment. That’s why I made a plan to throw a barbecue party.  So I start learning how to barbecue with a charcoal grill for a barbecue party. Finally, I threw a barbecue party for my family and friends. 

But now I am a professional BBQ master. Also, I love to work in live fire environments and commercial-grade smokers. Nowadays I focus on teaching BBQ lovers how to get good results on your grill by Barbq Party blog.

Inside of Barbq Party

bbq & rajib

Barbqparty design with lots of step-by-step pictures. That helps you to easily cook a tasty barbecue at home and outdoors. I am just trying to share some significant recipes & tips for a tasty BBQ. Those recipes & tips help you become special on the grill. 

I also try to share some of the barbecue essentials reviews for a good grilling experience. That’s why I hope you enjoy the Barbqparty blog. So don’t forget to read my blog before starting an indoor or outdoor grilling.

You can also learn in the Barbq Party blog how to start a BBQ with the best charcoal or gas grill. Because a good smoker can help you to cook batter smoky meat.

Remember tasty BBQ defense on lots of subjects. But the most important thing is spices and rubs mixing. That’s why this blog helps you to learn how to mix BBQ rub.

Why do I love to grill? 

I think grilling is fun. At the same time very tasty food at home and outdoors. I also love to make BBQ sauce for ribs at home to eat with ribs. Also throwing a barbecue party is the best policy to gather my all friends and family to spend Memorial time together.

I strongly believe cooking or grilling most memorable winter experience. At the same time, smoky meat is a healthy food for humans. Because grilling helps the fat to drip off the meat. As a result, the meat releases fatty content for tasty and healthy food.

When you prepare mate for grilling with BBQ rub. That means you help for more vitamins and minerals in the meat. These vitamins and minerals help your body process food.

Vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and iron are available in the smoky mate. These types of vitamins and iron help people’s body red blood cell production.


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